Speech Language Pathology
My name is Elaina Kabzan and I am a NY State Licensed and ASHA certified Speech Language Pathologist. I have been working as a Speech Language Pathologist since 1995. My work experience includes acute care, outpatient care, rehabilitative services, early intervention, home care, consultation and supervision. I am bilingual in Russian/English. My work experience has allowed me to work in numerous settings and with diverse populations. I provide comprehensive evaluations and treatment to both children and adults. I have developed various group programs to address aphasia, cognitive communication difficulties, dysarthria and pragmatic-communication difficulties. I have worked as a Senior Speech Language Pathologist at NYU Medical Center from 1998-2006 and have served as a Coordinator for their Communication Disorders Community Group Program in 2009. Most recently, I have worked with private clients in their homes or in my office. I am currently accepting registration for a social/pragmatic group program for children and teenagers with ADHD and other difficulties that interfere with social functioning in the classrooms and home environments. I also work with these children and their caregivers in determining strategies that may assist in improving speech/language and pragmatic communication skills for daily functioning.





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